Welcome to the California Wrestling Officials Association Rules website.

Welcome to the California Wrestling Officials Association Rules website. The CWOA has been in existence since 1992 and has been providing an avenue to inform officials of the latest trends and more importantly in conjunction with the California Interscholastic Federation providing training in an effort to standardize wrestling calls up and down this great state.

Many iterations of a CWOA website have been utilized but the technologies have been a challenge to maintain the up-to-date information. I believe that we have a solid format to provide the latest information, inform you of meetings and deadlines and a vehicle to provided instructional resources that association can use when training the local officials. Our plan is to incorporate tough call videos when some narrative to help officials when these maneuvers occur and they are able to apply the correct call.

We would like you to share any other educational power points, material, videos which are uniqueand many be used as an educational tool. These will be reviewed and then uploaded to the website for wrestling officials to review.

Please upload these resources using the button below. I will review and then get them on the website.

Wrestling officiating in California has a very solid reputation across the United States and many of you have gone on to work college and NCAA high level competitions. You should be very proud of this and we will continue to strive to keep this officiating system, by providingeducation in the application of rules, mechanics which are professional and in accordance with acceptable NFHS standards.

Best of luck and thank you in advance for any materials you can provide to enhance this website.

Duane Morgan
CIF State Rules Interpreter
(8310 595-4338